Who are we

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Who are we

The Animal Shelter (Bathurst) Inc. is a charitable organization dedicated to sheltering homeless, abandoned and abused animals. As a branch society of the New Brunswick SPCA, it is also dedicated to assisting in the enforcement of animal welfare and cruelty laws. We actively seek to educate responsible pet ownership and promote the adoption of the animals that come into our care.


Animal Shelter (Bathurst) Inc. was first incorporated in 1970. For many years previous to this, animals in the Bathurst area were sheltered by a dedicated lady by the name of Peggy Loosen. With the help of the Saint John and District SPCA ( now defunct) and the assistance of Dr. Forbes McLeod, Peggy ran a small shelter out of her home in Peter's River on the outskirts of Bathurst. When Peggy retired, a group of people with the assistance of the Mayor and Chief of Police, the Saint John and District SPCA, Dr. McLeod and Mrs. Peter Leger created a new shelter in the form of a trailer located on Sutherland Drive in East Bathurst. After 30 years of service the shelter was moved to its current location in the Bathurst Industrial Park in November of 2000.


Our main funding comes from bequests, grants, fundraising events, donations, adoption and surrender fees, boarding fees, and rentals. We are also contracted by the City of Bathurst for Animal Control in the city only. We receive no government funds for the operation of the shelter itself. Our Board of Directors are all unpaid volunteers. We are grateful to all those who have volunteered their time or donated funds, food, supplies or equipment to make the plight of animals in our region more bearable. A huge thank you to all those who have adopted animals from our shelter and provided "forever homes" and a second chance at life.


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